Barrington Editorial provides Manuscript Critiques, Consults/Coaching, Creative Writing and Feedback Workshops--Live and Emailed.

My clients are published authors by traditional publishers and award winning self-published. They have been shortlisted for international literary contests and published in fine literary journals.  They are ESL students and college students, business owners, business professionals and consultants, novelists, memoirists, poets, artists, musicians, and educators.

Work can be sent by e-mail or a hardcopy through postal mail.
Note that a standard page is 250 words.

 Please email to schedule.


Consults/Coaching: $100 an hour -- Brainstorm, feedback, spontaneous writing and editing. Read your work on the spot. Discuss longterm strategies on a project or your writing life in general.  

General Chapter Critique/Short Story Critique (up to 4000 words)--An overview of strengths & weaknesses with general suggestions. $165. One dollar for every additional page.

Critiques on full manuscripts $750 up to 80,000 words. $1 each additional page.  This will focus on story structure, logic, and character development. 

Poetry Critiques available on an hourly basis.

Hidden Wisdom Writing Workshops - Finding the Words in the Writer and the Writer in the Words.

 Monthly Feedback Workshop -- 4 hours. Next one:

  •  February 20th Saturday 1 to 5 in Venice, $55 to hold your spot. (Fees nonrefundable) -- We begin with an improvisational writing exercise and then give constructive feedback on up to 2000 words of your fiction, narrative nonfiction, or on one long poem or 2 short poems.

JUST WRITING -- Several writing exercises, 3 hour workshop. Write & share for fun and encouragement. Jump-start new work. Not a feedback workshop. Designed to spur creative ideas and techniques. Next ones:

  •  March 6th from 4 to 7 in Santa Monica. $35 to hold your spot.


Emailed Workshop:

You will receive:

  • Weekly improvisational writing exercise/ and typed feedback to encourage this seedling work.
  • Constructive feedback on 3000 or 5000 words within the 4 or 8 week period. 
  • Handouts.
  • A 25 page REPORT on writing and editing.
  • One month $285/Two Months $550.  Fees nonrefundable. Full payment due at onset of workshop. 
  • One 30 minute phone consultation and if needed, follow up emails within reason.



Five Week Workshop Dates TBA.   Five weeks, 7-9:30 or so pm, once a week at a Westside location in Los Angeles. Seating is limited. Fee nonrefundable. If you would like to reserve a spot please contact me (you are welcome to visit the first night if undecided).

The format of the workshop:

  • Half of the time is devoted to an improvisational writing exercise; bring in one page to share for brief feedback.
  • the other half we share work brought in for critique and editing suggestions.

The fresh writing we do in class is not critiqued, just shared if you would want to share, with group comments on what we liked about the piece. The workshop’s purpose is to provide time and space to write and generate new work and also to provide constructive criticism on separate pieces (up to 3000 words) you would want to bring in for that purpose and to bring up to the next level. (Can sign up for a critique date.)

The writing exercises vary to jump start pieces for personal essay, fiction, poetry so that you get a taste of different ways to write and discover new capacities. I do the exercises right along with you,­ so we are all in this together!

You will receive:

  • Improvisational writing exercises and time to write.

  • The option of typed notes & a professional edit on work you schedule to submit (submitting is optional) for an additional fee of $75. 

  • Optional homework assignment every week. 

  • Available for questions and consultation throughout the week.

  • A free Report on Writing & Editing.

  • Handouts

All levels welcome.

Eight-Week Editing Workshop:

This is an opportunity to bring in your chapters and other bodies of work each week for 8 weeks and receive:

  • constructive critique from workshop participants
  • handouts
  • free REPORT on writing & editing

 Westside Location.  Limited to 6 participants

Fees nonrefundable

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